Choose laser facial hair removal services in Utica, NY

Never worry about shaving again in Utica, NY or beyond

Many men and women deal with unwanted facial hair and can go to extreme measures to hide or remove it. Instead of plucking, shaving or resorting to harmful bleach or hair remover creams, consider the benefits of laser facial hair removal.

A Soothing Touch Laser Hair Removal in Utica, NY offers a permanent solution to facial hair removal using the latest technology in laser treatments. We can target all areas of the face, including:

Upper Lip

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Smooth skin for longer

Smooth skin for longer

Shaving, plucking or bleaching your unwanted hair is a temporary fix. Choose long-term laser facial hair removal and forget the hassle of daily facial grooming.

We also address facial hair growth from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.